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Care Tips For Colored And Curly Hair | Styleblazer

For thosewith naturally oily hair, using UV-protective products are key since they are lightweight and also do a great job at preserving color. Alot of hair products contain silicones and oils which can weigh hair down and cause that unwanted build-up, so if you have oily or fine hair youll want to avoid these products so that your hair color can last longer. A key thing to remember that no matter what color your hair is, moisture is crucialfor getting the best out of your color. Hair color is considered a chemical treatment, this tends to make hair extremely dry. To get the moisture back thats lost during the hair coloring process, its ideal to limit the frequency of washes and try to use more moisturizing products that have sulfate free formulas. Its also essential to give hair a weekly intensive treatement mask or deep conditioning to prevent further damage. Following these steps reduce the risk of breakage and the healthier the hair the better it can retain dye.It can also reduce how quickly hair fades.
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